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Hello, I'm Heidi Goldstein a licensed esthetician with 23 years of experience in esthetics. I'm located in Tarpon Springs, a cute little historic small town in Pinellas County.  Early in life, I had a dream and passion for skin and learning all its intricacies. I struggled for many years with nodular acne, trying several topical and oral prescription medications even cortisone injections, yet nothing seemed to work long-term. To my dismay the nodules kept returning, they were inflamed, they hurt, and would last several months at a time. I was tired and frustrated and the detrimental effects were real. I desperately wanted to find out the root cause of my nodular acne so I could start healing my skin. My chiropractor suggested we do muscle testing, also known as kinesiology on me to find out what my body was rejecting. Lo and behold, it was my make-up, specifically the foundation that was causing the acne. I stopped wearing foundation and it completely went away. I enrolled in esthetic school in Dunedin, FL 23 years ago.  I
I knew once I started esthetic school I was going to make a huge difference with my skin as well as, help others who were having skin challenges. 

I love what I do! It's so rewarding to see the skin transformations and witness the overall impact it has on an individual's confidence and self-esteem. Over the years I've gained a wealth of skincare knowledge, worked with several professional skincare lines, met some truly amazing people in the industry, and attracted some of the most loyal and loving clients for whom I'm truly forever grateful! I now look back at my struggles and realize they were only blessings. Sometimes life presents us with what we think are struggles and setbacks to slow us down to learn, gain, and grow until the right time presents itself for something amazing we couldn't see.  For me, it's now the right time to welcome you to Heidi's Skincare Studio!

My message to you:

Start with yourself, and everything changes. ... that will help you uncover your greatness, by digging for the treasures that are already within. 

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