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"A Woman Looks Beautiful When She Feels Beautiful "
- Molly R. Stern


The Pure Peel is a blend of organic compounds combined to deliver bright and beautiful skin. 

So, what is it? The Pure Peel introduces a unique and brand-new exfoliating agent, Acetic Acid. It is accompanied by a symphony of other carboxylic acids: mandelic, lactic, salicylic, fermented jasmonic, and phytic acids which when combined, stimulate clear, firm, bright, and beautiful skin. 

The Pure Peel is a Smart Peel™ solution, the latest release that builds upon the result-driven solutions we are familiar with but is sure to change the way we navigate corrective skincare. It is the perfect solution for those who want instant results from advanced treatments without downtime.

  • It is as safe as an enzyme

  • It is water soluble like an Alpha Hydroxy Acid

  • It provides access to the skin like a Beta Hydroxy Acid

  • It is related to TCA without the 3(tri) chlorine(chlor) molecules

  • It provides results similar to Jessners without the consequential downtime

Let us introduce you to our Pure Peel from Lira Clinical!
The advanced treatment with no downtime!

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We believe every facet of our mind-body health is interconnected including the skin. We often think of skin only as it relates to beauty, but it is important to our overall health. We will address the contributing factors to changes within the skin. Focus on restoring and repairing the skin and take preventative measurements to help keep your skin healthy while improving the texture of your skin, smooth fine lines, and wrinkles, calm and clear acne, repair sun-damaged skin, brighten skin, and help to reduce hyperpigmentation. Think of us as your skincare trainer. We will help to guide you to healthy skin. 


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